Concert Ushering & Backstage Staff

Ushers and backstage staff play a large part in the success of Soom Soloist Ensemble performances and the overall concert experience for our patrons. Anyone interested in supporting the ensemble and providing exemplary customer service can join us as an usher or a backstage staff member.

Ushering Duties Include

  • Taking tickets
  • Handing out programs
  • Directing patrons to their seats
  • Answering questions

Backstage Staff Duties Include

  • Setting up music stands and sheet music
  • Setting up the stage
  • Setting up microphones
  • Assisting performers

Ushers and backstage staff also have the opportunity to hear Soom Soloist Ensemble concerts while volunteering!

Promotional & Administrative Assistance

We have many volunteering opportunities that will help Soom to develop our organization and benefit the communities that we serve. Soom currently needs volunteers who can promote our work by distributing flyers or mail and assist us with promotional video production. In addition, we need volunteers who can help with administrative work, including donor inquiry management and data entry. Volunteers will be able to experience the operations of Soom Soloist Ensemble firsthand and work with us to enrich the lives of those who value our art.

Please contact us at support@soomsoloistensemble.org to join our volunteer programs


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