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Soom is the sound of the community

The Soom Soloist Ensemble is a non-profit organization that was established in 2021.  We are composed of established Korean musicians based in Atlanta and the Southeast, bringing you high-caliber performances and innovative interpretations of music.

The ensemble strongly believe that music can be an integral part of social development, and we aim to enrich the local community in Atlanta through our music.  As an organization that is more than 90% female, we are also highly interested in children’s and women’s rights issues, and we strive to create art which reaches places that call for aid and awareness.

Our hope is that our concerts and events will provide spaces for members of the local community to pause, breathe (or ‘soom,’ in Korean), and reflect on what they value most.  In a hectic, competitive, and uncertain world, creative spaces can remind us of our common humanity and encourage us to understand and be good to one another.

We sincerely hope that you will take the opportunity to experience our music by attending one of our performances.  

Thank you!

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