Our Vision & Missions

Our Vision

The Soom Soloist Ensemble aims to use our music to promote social development and the enrichment of local arts in Atlanta.

Our Missions

Empowering Children and Women

  • Provide classical music lessons to children in low-income or single-parent families
  • Offer complimentary educational concerts to financially challenged primary, middle, and high schools and children’s hospitals
  • Deliver performances with themes that advocate for women as complex and vibrant beings
  • Provide opportunities for low-income children to interact with other children from different racial and ethnic backgrounds through music

Connecting Communities

  • Encourage the local and surrounding communities to value Korean art and culture
  • Help to remove social and economic barriers to accessing, learning about, and creating classical music
  • Provide music therapy programs to local senior centers, hospitals, and psychological counseling centers
  • Adapt and respond to our community’s needs

Partnerships, Planning, and Transparency

  • Build and maintain strong partnerships with local, state, and national organizations, including arts and advocacy organizations that prioritize the rights of women, children, and Asian communities
  • Develop, implement, and sustain well-planned systems and procedures
  • Ensure that our operations are financially sustainable and transparent
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